The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Its winter now, the month of December. The schools are shut down for the winter holidays what we don’t mention as the Christmas holidays because people rarely celebrate Christmas in a Muslim dominated country even if it is,It would be the expatriates. I live in the city of Ad- Dammam , Ash Sharqiyah, eastern province. By the mid of November you could feel the gradual drop in the temperature indicating the arrival of winter. By January the temperature would be as low as possible which could be 10-15 degrees even below zero degrees in place like Tabuk and Hail.People pack up there bags and move to the country sides to spend there vacations,especially places like Tabuk were it would even snow.A common sighting you will find during this time of the year.Transforming the hot humid deserts into cold deserts maybe even covered with snow. This vacation my  visit is to the smallest town in Saudi Arabia lying almost 150 kilometers to the northwest of Al-Jubail ,the industrial capitol of the Kingdom known as Nariyah or An Nariyah where i have never been before……….   

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