The Power Of Language

“English the universal language has the power more than you think; it can shut anyone’s mouth”

Written By- Gokul Vijayan

The long wait for the flight is about to get over after three hours of wait at the terminal of Sharjah International airport .I am accompanied with my sister to catch our transit flight to Ad Dammam,Although the journey from Kochin to Sharjah was perfectly comfortable. We never knew that we would witness such a situation on board of our next aircraft.

Do you actually believe that racism still exist in the world? And that too among new generation? Well my article will give you answer to that.

The airport ground staffs at the entrance of Aero bridge opened the doors signalling it’s time to board the aircraft. We took our hand baggage’s and strolled down the bridge in a hurry to board the aircraft. We were seated at the fifth row, my sister took the window seat and I sat to the adjacent seat to her. A super clean aircraft guess it’s a new addition to the fleets of Air Arabia.Perhaps,I noticed that the entire aircraft was filled with Arabs predominantly the youngsters who would be probably pursuing their college studies in universities across the Emirates. We both were the only ones who seemed to be an expatriate on board.

Lot of chattering happening on the aircraft, you know how Arabs speak. They generally speak loudly that there nicest words sound to be yelling to the ears of other nationalities although they don’t mean too. There we go, adding to the final passengers to the aircraft a group of three men who could belong to the East Asian ethnicity boarded the aircraft.They might be working as laborers in contracting companies because their outlook showed it all.This was the instance when we witnessed what racism meant in the real world.

There were a group of young Arab ladies sitting on the front seats. They immediately took a piece of cloth and wrapped there face with it and starting yelling and giggling “rahiya” which eventually means “smell”. They meant that these poor people smelled like a skunk and started to burst into laughter. Their illustrations took the notice of the entire people on board even the cabin crews. But no one raised their voiced against this verbal discrimination neither do they, since they were very poor in the language and they feared speaking out. They felled incredibly bad in front of others that even we was uncomfortable watching it. They kept their anger towards themselves and sat silently in the aircraft throughout the entire journey listening to the young ladies verbal abuse. We tried to get our sights away from it, but our inner self did not allow us maybe because we too belonged to the South Asian ethnicity? How can we simply sit listening to this?

My sister told me” we need to speak up for that poor fellows”. And I told her “definitely, we should but we must consider that we are travelling alone ourselves we need not create a scene here, but we can give a back hit the same way they did to them. What would you say? ”

“Exactly” she agreed.

As soon as the flight touched down and taxied along the runway, stopped for the disembarkation. We made sure we were the first one to get out the aircraft. The young women at the front row gave a frown face at us. It’s not because we collided with her or something, but that she cannot allow us to go first. She considers herself more superior moreover we are in her country now. We waved bye to the air hostess and got down the aircraft gathering many frowned faces over us. We gave least concern towards it.

We had to board a Volvo bus next which would take us to the terminal. The entire bus was filled with passengers and it was so air tight that I literally felled suffocating, on top of that the strong aroma of the perfumes of these ladies made my head to twist.

We taught this would be our chance. We took a piece of cloth and covered our nose with that. These women’s understood that we are upon something. We thought speaking English is the only way that we could possibly show our hatred and anger towards those ladies as it is the most widely accepted language on earth and not knowing it is absolutely considered a drawback. So we decided to have a good rapport with each other and started to have conversations regarding the smell, flight, people and their disgusting aroma of the perfumes. We pretty much showed actions and talked slightly in a higher voice that the entire bus could hear. Others totally understood that we meant that group of ladies and they too understood that they are paying for what they did to that poor men’s who were in the flight for showing a racist behavior towards them. They nodded their head with shame and never came to argue with us since they dint know to speak English well!!!

This was the time that I realized how important English was and how it influenced the people around the world. Being the universal language it has showed its importance across the globe.

I am not trying to say that Arabs are mean people through my article but being educated doesn’t make you a global citizen and it does not mean it’s only Arabs but it can be any person belonging to any nationality. We need to see the world in one vision and treat everyone has humans keeping these evil thoughts behind and my friends keep those racist behavior apart, Come on it’s 21st century !!

And always have the confidence in yourself and believe in yourself, Never let anyone assault you in any form. They might be many instances happening around the world similar to this. Always keep in mind it’s your mind that makes you a winner or a looser.

Please Note: I did not mean to target or point out a specific community or do not say that they are always responsible for these inhuman behavior, it can be anyone.Understand.

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