The Unforgettable Train Journey – (2)

I have been awake all day long so really wanted to have some nap but in the current scenario if I try to sleep I would definitely fall down from the upper side berth so I decided to stay awake with all the energy which was left in me.
The train kept moving from one station to another one by one and so does my eagerness to get to the destination is rising higher and higher and perhaps to get out of this confined piece of metal which is totally suffocating. There are all kinds of people around me who speaks different languages and from other backgrounds. I can assume some are labour workers, some government employees,other travellers, solo woman travellers etc. I noticed one of the men who was sitting opposite to a lady couldn’t resist his eyeballs staring at her !!!
I kept a never mind attitude that all I want is to get down at Trivandrum as fast as possible. The train stopped at the Kollam (quilon) station. To my agony I saw a groups of people belonging to q political party crowded at the station. They all were waiting for the train to arrive to take part in the march past on the next day. They belonged to CPI(M) party. I wondered where they could be accommodated, I took a deep breath.

In whatever place was left they occupied them. Some almost hanging outside of the train. But things started to change slowly, I started to enjoy the travel. These men took the empty bottles and started to beat it to a tune. All of them did it altogether that those who were asleep also woke up. They begin to sing the nadan pattukal (traditional songs) to get rid of the sleepiness. They sang songs like ‘kuttanadan kunjayille’….’chora veena mannil’…..etc Gradually the entire coach accompanied them even ladies, I really started to have goosebumps. The lead singer had a too good voice that I still remember his face. Marvellous !!! Is what I can describe it, I saw some unity among people that nobody asked them to shut their mouth as they couldn’t sleep all they did was listened to them interestingly.

I had no idea how the time went by, the train was a few stops away from Trivandrum central station. What waited us to board the train was a group of army men on their full unifrom with those heavy boots and guns. All kept quite, as they boarded the train. They started loading the train with heavy metal suit cases and bagpacks. I wondered if it was grenades and stuffs ?! God knows, they are the defence forces. Now others where made to get up from their seats and was transferred to other coach and these men occupied them inturn. Luckily I wasn’t asked to move, now I had too fully loaded soldiers sitting on both sides of me. I kept staring at them from top to bottom. I really wanted to ask them to show there gun but seeing their serious face I kept quite. After Pettah, my coach was fully occupied by soldiers, That I was the only outsider. They asked me where I studied and i had a short conversation with the bhaisabs of our nation. Extremely friendly people under the serious masks! Atlast, the train reached Trivandrum and I got off the coach with a group of army men, took a deep breath of fresh air, said goodbye to them and walked of in style keeping this unexpected rare travel experience threasured in my mind and I made sure that I will write about this sometime

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