Merry Christmas !!!

First and foremost let me thank you for joining my team and helping Blogwithgokul to spread the love for travelling !!

 I think it is absolutely wonderful to see how the other part of the world or country is like.This category  focuses on bringing the present moment clicks by my team members from different parts of the globe to Hot on Plate followers by Blogwithgokul. Some of them are definitely outstanding  pictures !! I loved it !! Thank You All !! XOXO

Let me introduce my team of Photo Contributors !! Here they are !!

1) Arya Prabhul

Love from Frankfurt

Arya is a cabin crew who works for Qatar Airways which is a Doha based airliner and she is one of my colleague. She does little bit of modelling as a hobby, loves taking care of people and exploring the world which ultimately made her choose this job of her passion. She is one of the member of Hot on Plate team !! I wish her all the success.

Thank You for joining Arya !!


2) Labeeb Iqbal

Love from China

Labeeb pursues his MBBS studies. Apart from his studies he loves football and photography. Truly energetic, sportive and a person with lot of positive vibes. He is a fashionista as well. Now he is a member of Hot on Plate team !!

Thank you for joining Labeeb !!


3) Numaan Yousuf

Love from United Kingdom

Numaan lives in United Kingdom to pursue his studies on Aircraft Maintenance. He loves exploring the parts of multi cultured and vibrant United Kingdom and capture some beautiful shots !! He is also obsessed of taking foodie clicks !! Numaan is a member of Hot on Plate team by Blogwithgokul.

Thank you for joining Numaan !!


4) Jimmy Davis

Love from India

Jimmy Davis studies Multimedia in Kerala. He’s got great passion in photography and besides that he loves listening to music and deliberately loves travelling !!! He has a Facebook page Jim DAV photography which has a good number of followers as well. You can visit his page at .He is a member of the Hot on Plate team by Blogwithgokul.

Thank you for joining Jimmy !!


5) Sonia Thobias

Love from Australia

Meet Sonia Thobias ! She is mastering in her Chemical Engineering studies currently. Amidst her busy schedule you can find her wandering around the streets like a wanderlust exploring new places with her companion which is her camera. She loves travelling, listening to music as well as clicking some beautiful snaps! Sonia Thobias is part of this Hot on Plate Team !!

Thank You for joining Sonia !!

– Blogwithgokul

So we will be posting beautiful pictures right here on “Hot on Plate” category from across the globe and let’s keep exploring !!! Keep Supporting.

Spread love and passion for travelling !!! XOXO


Gokul Vijayan



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