The Love Bond #5

Chapter- 6

The Love Bond
Mystical Past

The prolonged era of the Austro – Hungarian Empire led to the formation of an central European country named the Czechoslovakia in October 1918. The levels of peace and prosperity of this sovereign state was witnessing a gradual decline by the invasion of its neighbours into its economic and political affairs. Years past by and towards the end of 1930’s after the World War I the Hungarians and the wild merciless Nazi rule started to spread it’s wings of power across the European states. By the blink of an eye, the peace was destroyed in the households of the Czechoslovakia.
The clouds went dark, the air was filled with poisonous gas. Exploding sounds came unexpectedly breaking the silence.Could it be thunder or the bombarding of the nearby buildings? Puzzled the people of the country in perfect dilemma At least for a minute, The citizens of Czechoslovakia was in despair. As Nazism grew in power Jews were hunted down from any possible ways they could and was send to the death camps. Some of them were assigned to do construction works. Hungarians on the other side added more complexity to the game of live or conquer. Czechoslovakia was witnessing it’s downpour.
1944- March, Bratislava. 9:00 PM
The Hornik family was having their supper listening to the radio on the latest political forms. Fresh plates of Brindzove Halusky which is a dish which generally the Czechoslovaks considered to be of national importance made from sheep cheese and potato dumplings was served on the tables by the maid Lara who is been with the Hornik household for 15 years now.
The Hornik family is well known across for their power and influence in the town which they have made through their family business. They have the biggest mansion in their neighbourhood and number of staffs apart from Lara to take good care of the household. Peter Hornik the head men of the family continued his traditional business of Exporting wool to the nearby European states.
Sylvia, peter’s wife was pregnant with their third child the eldest two being boys Simon and Samo.
The pregnancy period for her this time was a tough one, the country was facing a great political instability due to the World War II with no proper medical facilities and fierce circumstances. Smoke and dust filled the atmosphere at all times.
The World War II was in a way bringing some hope to the Czechoslovaks that the German and Hungarian power would loose it’s grip on the country and would bring peace back.
Peter and Sylvia along with their son’s were having dinner. Suddenly the alarm from the military base started to sound sending out alertness for the entire citizens to remain indoors. The city is again under attack.
Peter rushed  outside to shut the gates. They kept their doors and windows closed.
Sylvia said “I could feel the vibrations on the floor, are they bombing the city again? “.
Terror ran across Peter’s face ” No dear, they can’t do anything because god is in our side” replied peter in a shattered voice.
Sylvia was nine and half months pregnant. She was waiting for the delivery anytime soon. The sound of the bombshells created fear in her.
The electricity went off and it was dark. Lara took a match box and a candle stick and lit them. Five of them sat in the living room silently in the light of the candle stick till the sound of the explosions stopped.
All of a sudden Sylvia started to have uneasiness in her stomach. She started to feel the pain. She kept quite and tried to ignore it. When it started to get intensive she said ” The pain, I can feel the pain” in a low voice and kept holding to her stomach.
Peter got shocked initially thinking that their is no possibility of getting outside to take her to the medical dispensary.
Lara kept her hands to her mouth and kept staring at Sylvia. The boys had already fallen asleep in their wait for the bombing to get over.
“Mistress! Please lay down on the bed” said Lara.
“We need to call the mid wife immediately Sir” said Lara to Peter.
” But we are not supposed to leave the house, we would be captured and killed by the Germans” said Peter.
“Sir, if you could take care of her for a little time, I can rush downhill and inform the mid wife and ask her to come over quickly” said Lara.
“I think is absolutely risky, you have no guarantee for your life! ” said Peter loudly.
“I know very well sir, I am confident enough that I can do this” replied Lara.
The rain started drizzling in the mean time. Lara took her raincoats and umbrella and set out downhill to inform the midwife.
By the time she reached half the way the rain started pouring heavily. She could barely see the road. She trembled over the pebbles and rocks and managed to move forward.
At a long distance she could see the smoke and huge fire from the cathedral. Indicating one more church is down by the Germans. She kept walking quickly without getting the sight of any troops. In each foot step she made Sylvia’s face kept coming into her mind and she could hear her crying in pain. She must bring the mid wife for her mistress that was all that she could hear from her inner self.

To be Continued….
Thanks for reading,

Copyright by Gokul Vijayan.

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