The Love Bond #8


The Love Bond
Little Sofia

PS: let me begin with an apologising note. Got pretty sick and wasn’t able to write.I heartily request your forgiveness.Thanks to all my readers for enquiring about the further chapters.So, shall we begin? Here it goes…. where did I stop? Aah ok… 🙂

Peter was getting his accounts in his drawing room.SylvIa was knitting cloth beside him on the rocking chair near to the fire place.

Dhum….dhum… heard the voices from the room upstairs.

“What is that noise? ” asked peter.

“I have no idea Peter, maybe they might be running around.” said Sylvia.

Sylvia stood up from the chair,peeped through the curtain saw Samo and Simon busy in the garden.

“Peter, Simon and Samo are in the garden. Where is this sound coming from then? Sofi! Shouted Sylvia but came no reply.

“It’s ok, I will go check out.” said Peter. He walked upstairs. As he moved closer the sound seemed increasing probably like heavy foot steps.

The room upstairs was closed and mild music from the radio kept coming out of the room.
“Sofi ! Where are you? Said Peter.

He got the knob of the door and opened gently without making a noise. He peeped into room and he saw little princes. He kept quite rushed down stairs and called Sylvia to come over with him upstairs.

“What is it Peter? Where is Sofi ?!” Sylvia asked.
“Ssshhh!! Just be quite, I will show you something” said him.

They both looked into the room. They were astonished to see the five year old Sofi dancing to the beats of the Slovakian music from the radio. She moved to the beats in so much co ordinance. She danced with lot passion with what a five year can dance. They kept staring at her dance with so much of happiness.

“Sofi! ” said Sylvia.
She stopped quickly and ran towards the curtain with shy.

“Sofi, come out you danced so well.Good girl” said Peter.

Sylvia pulled her out of the curtain and kissed her.
“Do you want to learn dance? ” asked Peter.

Nodded the little girl with her head for the big yes.
“From where did you learn those steps?, it was beautiful” asked Peter.

“Dada, I saw the beautiful ladies dancing at the ball day before yesterday. I wanted to dance like them” smiled Sofia.

“Sure, I shall make you join a dance academy, now it’s time for some food, you must really hungry little princess” said Peter and they walked downstairs.

That evening Peter took Sofia to nearby dance academy to make her to begin her first dance training with a professional trainer.

She was the youngest among all the students in the academy.

Mrs Penelope, the dance trainer was very much interested in Sofia as a young child she was very keen in grasping the steps one by one. She showed a lot of passion and her each steps was nearing perfection day by day. She finally stole her trainers heart, Penelope started to have a lot of expectations for her.

Three years passed by, Sofia was one of the best performers in her dance academy.

In 1945, Czech and Slovakia was reunited under the Russian soviet union.

She started to become in her school, she bagged lot of prizes for competitions. The neighbourhood had gatherings in the weekends at the town hall.
Sofia performed in all the possible opportunities she got.
She turned on her radio danced to it all alone in her room when she got bored. Dance begin to be her life after all. She danced while walking, bathing, studying and even in her dreams. Her feet kept tapping to a rhythm at all times. Dance meant everything to her.

Thanks for reading.
Copyright @ Gokul Vijayan

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