The Love Bond #8


The Love Bond
Growing up

Over the years Sofia recognition grew in her town. Her name was something every people wished for in any event that took place. Her performances created happiness in people. They loved watching the little girl dance.
” Do little Sofia perform today? ” asks one in front of the Slovay theatre.
“I heard she won’t, she is sick probably” said another.
“Oh then let me leave” said the former person.
People wanted to enjoy her performance the most.
The theatre companies in Bratislava begin booking her for any events possible and little Sofia have already started to experience the stardom in her town.
The girl was smart and talkative and much loved than her brothers by the entire family. Mr Peter over the couple of years have expanded his business into almost the entire part of Czechoslovakia and the nearby European states. Money came pouring into his accounts and made him filthy rich.
Sofia got everything she wanted by her side from her dad be it cloths, chocolates from swiss or let it be a playing instrument.
Her popularity in her town have made her one of the most notable student in her school as well. She had two other girls with her all the time. They were Eva and Gladice. She loved them more than anything. They meant everything to her. Eva’s dad owned the Slovay theatre at the town. Most of Sofia dances was performed at the Slovay theatre as well. Peter felt more comfortable being in Slovay.
Whereas, Gladice wasn’t financial sound her father sacrificed his life to the Germans during the German invasion in Slovakia. Her mother who recovered from her illness due to spinal disorder does knitting for living and helps in a grocery store to feed her family. Sofia had hugely convinced Peter to help Galdice’s mom in her treatment that if she was able to make a single step without any pain then Sofia is the person and the reason for her wellness. She loved her like her own mom Sylvia.

Probably her birth was something that happened with the kindness of many she was eventually blessed with a kind heart as well. She never hurted any animals and she loved rabbits a lot.
Jadi her white furry rabbit tickled her arms and hands and they played a lot after her schools hours. Three of them maintained a close friendly relationship to each other.
There school days went as memorable one and years past by.
The winter arrived at Bratislava this year earlier as ever before. Cold wind blew through the streets causing the dry leaves to fly away. The Hornik family was in a mood of celebration as Sofia is turning twenty one.
Peter and Sylvia has arranged a grand birthday celebration inviting their neighbours, employs and relatives to grandeur of birthday celebration. The wind kept blewing outside as the clock striked seven in the evening causing the guest a little inconvenient to the reach the Hornik household. Simon and Samo got suited up for the event in twin colours and they looked smart. The living hall was decorated with balloons, multi coloured crepe papers from one corner of the big room to another and party streamers.
The Casa Nova Bakers famous in the town baked the three multi layered cake out from the box. It looked sumptuous with cherry toppings and chocolates. Sylvia invited the guests as they arrived. Made them comfortable from the blistering cold outside and Peter tossed a glass of wine with his fellow mates.
” Where is the pretty lady ?” asked one of the guest to Sylvia.
“She is upstairs getting ready, I should probably check her out” said Sylvia.
Sylvia walked upstairs to check out Sofia.
Eva and Gladice have already been in her bedroom helping her to get dressed for the party.
” you must probably go for some dark shades on your lips, what do you say Gladice? ” asked Eva.
“Yup, you are right Eva” said Gladice.
Eva tied her brown locks of hair in style.
“What you think will he come over tonight? ” asked Eva.
“Eva, may I know whom your referring to my dear ” asked Sofia.
” Gladice did you notice those face? Come on Sofia, the handsome tall guy whom appears to be the house captain of our college” said Eva.
Giggled them.
“I have invited, but I do not know or probably their is nothing like that like what you thing beautiful girls” said Sofia.
” Let’s see it to ourself, but I tell you what he is very much interested in you, I am pretty sure about it sweetheart” said Eva”.
” Evaa! ” yelled Sofia.
Knock knock! They heard the door knocking.
Gladice went to the door and opened it.
“Girls! What is going on? Please make it fast the guests have already arrived, they are asking for the birthday girl.” said Sylvia.
“Ok mom, almost over, will be their in a second” said Sofia.
She looked dazzling in her sleek red long gown and a beautiful diamond necklace. Pretty and gorgeous she looked.
By the time they got downstairs, the calling bell rang.
Peter opened up the door to meet the guest. A man stood tall and hansome in his long jackets in the cold. Peter welcomed him in.

To Be Continued..
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The Love Bond #7

Majdanek Camp (Right Gas chamber)



The Love Bond


Peter gave Madeline a pouch of gold coins as rewards for coming over to help. She thanked him and with joy she left home. But she or her family wasn’t lucky enough. As the World War II was in its heights of battle to depress the German power on Europe and abolish Nazism for ever. Jews were searched and found out from hooks and nooks of the city and were send to camps. Madeline and family became the victims of this as well .One week after, They were caught red-handed by the Germans and was deported to camps. They were split to three Madeline was send to one, children to another and her husband to another one. In huge coaches of train without even a proper ventilation the were loaded like goods and were taken to the concentration camps that where build for them. Madeline and her family where taken to Majdanek, a death camp which was constructed in the city of Lublin, Poland.

The huge bogeys of goods train unloaded large number of people to the camps. From there woman’s, children and men where separated. They are send to three different blocks painted in green.

They formed long queues, in the beginning and they waited for their turn to enter the a barrack, which was concreted completely. They were greeted with so much of politeness by the Schutzstaffel or the popularly known SS men with words like “Ma’am could you move forward ?” but who knew what actually was waiting for them the next minute ?

Inside the barracks they saw benches that are long and cemented. They were asked to strip themselves before advancing to the next block.

They removed there dress and was said that they could have it back once the bathing or the purification was over. They moved forward in queues, a huge board written ” bad Un Disinfecktion” welcomed the naked fearful live bodies.

What they saw is a concrete room with no possible ventilation, twice the size of bath houses. Tiled walls which contained numerous holes which had pipes projecting outwards. Puzzled victims stood their rubbing and touching the naked bodies to others assuming the flow of water from the pipes any moment. They were filled up to the maximum that it was not even possible to properly tilt their body from side to side. The doors went closed leaving behind not even a ray of light except a small opening on the ceiling and a keyhole which is possibly 2 cm in diameter. It was absolute dark and hot with these people breathing on each other.

As soon as it went dark warm water leaked into the room for a while, and then pale blue crystals of zyklon B was released which immediately vapourized in the hot humid atmosphere. Who knew that it would cause them suffocation. Wondering it to be a cleansing agent they kept quiet but after a while they all were dead with suffocation.

Naked dead bodies piled one above the other. They went in turns woman’s, men and and even children.

In one of the Queue Madeline kept stood high in her spirits. A telegram arrived at her residence in Slovakia. It was lying on the floor in front of the door. Lara opened it. It said


 “The members – Madeline Aatami (28),Abdiel Aatami(35), Abel Aatami (14) and Aaron Aatami (11). Deported and vergasted (which eventually means ‘gassed out’ at Majdanek,Poland.Confirmation Death”.

SCR- 1000072385678, Germany.

 Lara read the telegram and tears started to roll down her cheeks. She kept the telegram closed to her heart and prayed to god in a murmur.

After a year of Sofia’s birth the Russian red power over threw the German power from Slovakia and thus the Czech republic and Slovakian republic was once more joined together to form the Czechoslovakia. In 1993, Dec 31st Czechoslovakia was reborn.

The communist rule of the Soviet power was in its heights all over the nation. Red flags waved in the streets of Bratislava.

The Hornik households finally began to witness some peace. There business started to grow higher and bringing them all the luxury and money once again.

Couple of years past by, Sofia turned eight. She was as adorning as a doll. Maids kept all the attention to her. She was perhaps naughty than her brothers. Peter loved her than anything. She was presented precious gifts which the cities other children would dream for. A gold bordered fabricated pink frock was her gift for her eighth birthday. She wore that for the entire day and walked around with so much of courage along the corridors of her mansion. Maids surrounded her all time pampering her. Sylvia asked the maids not to pamper her so much that she would be spoiled of excessive pampering.

The beautiful young girl was smart in her studies and was just as good in anything even helping out with her dad’s business at this age!

On a bright sunny day, Peter was sitting at his office solving his accounts, it was then Peter discovered this………..

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The Love Bond #6

Chapter- 7

    The Love Bond

Lara kept walking and then running for a while consciously without getting into the sights of the German troops.

Her skirts where held high with one hand and the other holds the black umbrella, she did not wanted to get tripped. In a blurred vision on the opposite side of the road she saw the lights of a vehicle approaching her. She immediately sheltered herself in high bushes and waited impatiently for the vehicle to pass by. She threw her umbrella not to get noticed. The vehicle came closer and closer. At a point it passed by and moved forward. She pulled her skirt up again and started to move and then she realised that the vehicle had stopped at a distance. She stood still and looked back. The reverse light of the vehicle glowed as shivers of fear ran down through her body. It was an army vehicle and it came closer to her and stopped. A tough young man in his boots with thick mustache got down the car and looked at her fiercely with his eyebrows raised.

He said ” Get into the car now!, you are going nowhere! ” in his masculine tone.
Lara shook with fear and pleaded ” Please! Don’t take me away! I am not Jewish and I am no harm to your nation. Please let me go. Please I beg you” tears came through her eyes as she said.

” Lady! We shall discuss that at the camp. Now I say, get in the car or else……” said the young German soldier with a higher tone.

” Please listen to me, I swear to god I am not lying to you. My mistress she is about to give birth and I am on my way to call the Mid wife who lives downhill. Please let me go…. ” Begged Lara.
All of a sudden his heart began to melt in her words. He felt sympathetic, there is a very peculiar reason for this. A year back he lost his beloved on her delivery due to complications, leaving behind a a smart young boy with him, she left to eternity.

He felt for her ” Stop crying and listen to me. I shall take you to the midwife, sacrificing my life I understand your situation because I have lost my wife in a similar situation” he said.
” No Sir, just let me go that would be the kindest thing you could do” she said.
” Are you scared of me ? Don’t you trust me? ” said he.
” Sir please, what if I am guiding you to a Jewish house? You shall take them to the concentration camps? That would be the cruellest thing that I am doing to that family, I can’t do that for gods sake” she said in shattered voice.

” Don’t be so judgemental mistress ! All Germans are not nazist, we have hearts too. I am working for them to feed my family. I have to obey them, I have no other go but I will give you my word, I shall not harm you or your Mid-wife’s family. I would take you safe downhill anyhow you have no guarantee that you will reach their by foot” He said.

Lara trusted his loyalty and accepted his offer to take her to the Mid-wife’s house. She got into the jeep and hid herself under the seat.
They drove towards the midwives house in a hurry. They got down the jeep. Lara rushed to ring the doorbell. She rang the bell continuously but no one came out.

They kept hidden them self in the basement f the house fearing the German invaders. The doorbell made them feel terrible and their hearts kept pounding as they heart the voice of the door banging.
Lara shouted ” Madeline! It’s me Lara please come out no ones here, I need your help!”
Please come out!!

The knob of the door tilted and then came out Madeline.Her face reflected her inner fear.
” Don’t worry Madeline, This men helped me to come over here. Mistress Sylvia is in need of you, the pain has started, please do come with us to the mansion.” said Lara.

She immediately went inside and asked her husband to take care of her kids and told him that she will be back very soon.

They got into the jeep and the army men drove them uphill. They reached home.
As they walked into the house,Sylvia’s voice was clearly heard outside. She cried in pain. Madeline immediately rushed and asked Lara to bring a basin of warm water and pieces of cloths along with some candle sticks.

Lara bought all the things that she told and got into the bedroom and then closed the door.
Peter waited outside with so much of anxiety. Simon and Samo woke up from their sleep hearing the cry of Sylvia.

Simon and Samo are twins.They turned five last month.
Simon asked ” Dada… why is mom crying? ”
” You are going to have a little baby brother or sister very soon” said Peter.
All of a sudden they heard the voice of the baby crying. After a while Madeline came out of the room with the baby wrapped in a soft towel.
She said “Both are fine, It’s a girl”
Tears of joy ran from Peter’s eyes.

He took the baby from Madeline and showed it to the happy little twin brothers
“It’s a little sister for both of you! ” he said with joy.

“Sweet she is, I will call her dolly.She is like a doll” said the big brother Samo with excitement.
Simon, the calm one among the twins kept looking at his little sister.

“Well my boys we will call her Sofia, Sofia Reznik Hornik” said Peter.
“Sofia, the princess woooaow” the boys agreed to the name.
She was red like a strawberry, soft and beautiful. Born with a smile on her face.

Meantime Peter handed over the baby back to Madeline and went downstairs to thank the German soldier.

“I really don’t know how to thank you. You reached them here on time, please let me know what help I can do to you? ” Said Peter.
“Absolutely nothing, I understand the situation you went through because I had gone through the same a year ago….but..but god loved her so much that he did not give her back” tears fell from his eyes as he said.

” Brother, why is all these things happening around us. Why are these people fighting for ? When will all this come to an end ? Your are such a good soul, a messenger from god who came in boots. Please don’t feel sad about your past. I am sure you and your boy will do great in your life” said Peter from his heart.

“I am assigned duties, I must leave. Take care and don’t leave home unless everything calms down” warned the Army men.
” What is your Name? I forgot to ask you” said Peter.
“Sergeant Carl Benedict” he said.

“Carl please feel free to come over anytime here, You are always welcome. Please visit us once these calamities are over.”

He smiled and got onto his jeep and drove away. Peter thanked god for sending him to help him with this situation. He realised that not all men are bad nor everybody have the same intentions it’s there circumstances which leads them to do the job that they don’t like. Good souls did lived under their skin.

He kept staring at the Vehicle unless it vanished from his eye sight.

To be continued…
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The Love Bond #5

Chapter- 6

The Love Bond
Mystical Past

The prolonged era of the Austro – Hungarian Empire led to the formation of an central European country named the Czechoslovakia in October 1918. The levels of peace and prosperity of this sovereign state was witnessing a gradual decline by the invasion of its neighbours into its economic and political affairs. Years past by and towards the end of 1930’s after the World War I the Hungarians and the wild merciless Nazi rule started to spread it’s wings of power across the European states. By the blink of an eye, the peace was destroyed in the households of the Czechoslovakia.
The clouds went dark, the air was filled with poisonous gas. Exploding sounds came unexpectedly breaking the silence.Could it be thunder or the bombarding of the nearby buildings? Puzzled the people of the country in perfect dilemma At least for a minute, The citizens of Czechoslovakia was in despair. As Nazism grew in power Jews were hunted down from any possible ways they could and was send to the death camps. Some of them were assigned to do construction works. Hungarians on the other side added more complexity to the game of live or conquer. Czechoslovakia was witnessing it’s downpour.
1944- March, Bratislava. 9:00 PM
The Hornik family was having their supper listening to the radio on the latest political forms. Fresh plates of Brindzove Halusky which is a dish which generally the Czechoslovaks considered to be of national importance made from sheep cheese and potato dumplings was served on the tables by the maid Lara who is been with the Hornik household for 15 years now.
The Hornik family is well known across for their power and influence in the town which they have made through their family business. They have the biggest mansion in their neighbourhood and number of staffs apart from Lara to take good care of the household. Peter Hornik the head men of the family continued his traditional business of Exporting wool to the nearby European states.
Sylvia, peter’s wife was pregnant with their third child the eldest two being boys Simon and Samo.
The pregnancy period for her this time was a tough one, the country was facing a great political instability due to the World War II with no proper medical facilities and fierce circumstances. Smoke and dust filled the atmosphere at all times.
The World War II was in a way bringing some hope to the Czechoslovaks that the German and Hungarian power would loose it’s grip on the country and would bring peace back.
Peter and Sylvia along with their son’s were having dinner. Suddenly the alarm from the military base started to sound sending out alertness for the entire citizens to remain indoors. The city is again under attack.
Peter rushed  outside to shut the gates. They kept their doors and windows closed.
Sylvia said “I could feel the vibrations on the floor, are they bombing the city again? “.
Terror ran across Peter’s face ” No dear, they can’t do anything because god is in our side” replied peter in a shattered voice.
Sylvia was nine and half months pregnant. She was waiting for the delivery anytime soon. The sound of the bombshells created fear in her.
The electricity went off and it was dark. Lara took a match box and a candle stick and lit them. Five of them sat in the living room silently in the light of the candle stick till the sound of the explosions stopped.
All of a sudden Sylvia started to have uneasiness in her stomach. She started to feel the pain. She kept quite and tried to ignore it. When it started to get intensive she said ” The pain, I can feel the pain” in a low voice and kept holding to her stomach.
Peter got shocked initially thinking that their is no possibility of getting outside to take her to the medical dispensary.
Lara kept her hands to her mouth and kept staring at Sylvia. The boys had already fallen asleep in their wait for the bombing to get over.
“Mistress! Please lay down on the bed” said Lara.
“We need to call the mid wife immediately Sir” said Lara to Peter.
” But we are not supposed to leave the house, we would be captured and killed by the Germans” said Peter.
“Sir, if you could take care of her for a little time, I can rush downhill and inform the mid wife and ask her to come over quickly” said Lara.
“I think is absolutely risky, you have no guarantee for your life! ” said Peter loudly.
“I know very well sir, I am confident enough that I can do this” replied Lara.
The rain started drizzling in the mean time. Lara took her raincoats and umbrella and set out downhill to inform the midwife.
By the time she reached half the way the rain started pouring heavily. She could barely see the road. She trembled over the pebbles and rocks and managed to move forward.
At a long distance she could see the smoke and huge fire from the cathedral. Indicating one more church is down by the Germans. She kept walking quickly without getting the sight of any troops. In each foot step she made Sylvia’s face kept coming into her mind and she could hear her crying in pain. She must bring the mid wife for her mistress that was all that she could hear from her inner self.

To be Continued….
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The Love Bond #3



The Love Bond

The First Impressions

The train kept moving leaving behind the alps,mountains and the snow covered fields nearing to the Slovakian capital. The two men started to have conversations to run off the time. Mervin, is a very smart and an energetic person and a very good orator, some people do possess this good quality of charisma who can take over other hearts.

Mervin told Ayush about this beautiful country and its past from being Czechoslovakia to Czech and Slovakia. Well, Ayush listened to his talk with great interest. Twenty minutes of their time past by and Mervin stood up and moved away to make a call. In the mean time Ayush took the brochures of the train which was kept behind the seats and went through its pages. The temperature was -2 degree Celsius outside. Dark, cold and snowy but the cozy cuisine seats and the heaters in the train made them comfortable.

The speakers in the train said the next station is Brastislava Hlavna Stanica station. In about 5 minutes the train would approach the Slovakian capital.Mervin ended his call and came towards Ayush and asked ” you might really feel Hungary for sure apart from the little meal you had on the flight, I guess”.

“Yes, i am but its absolutely OK i would just go to the apartment and Mr James would be their waiting for me” said Ayush.

“I was talking to my mom and she is asking to bring you home for having dinner, its nearby” said Mervin.

“Oh thanks, but not this time it’s really late and i am tired just wanted to have some good sleep” reluctantly replied Ayush.

“No, please feel free. Do come or my mom would be upset” said Mervin with distress.

“Mom ? do you live with your family here ?” curious Ayush asked.

Smiled Mervin nodded his head and said ” Please do come, if you could give me Mr James number i will inform him and i will drop you to the apartment”.

Upon so much of request, even though Ayush was tired he accepted his offer to have dinner along with him late night and not to make Mervin’s mom waiting for them unhappy.

The train stopped at the Bratislava station, They took their luggage’s and got down their train.It was cold has hell, and the intensity of cold was much felt in their skins. They walked along the pavements that was filled with the midnight snow. They could hear the wolves hollowing in the dark. Some streets were dark and empty and felt like they were nobody living in that place for decades. Slovakian building looked so much ancient and beautiful and rich in architecture to Ayush’s eyes. They kept walking, the strong cold winds kept blowing onto their face which was the only part that they did not cover up.

Ayush kept following Mervin, it was a little bit difficult for the new young Indian man in Slovakia to catch up with the speed of Mervin in this cold but they kept walking along the low lit streets of Bratislava.

The time was 1:00 am. The shops were all closed down but at the end of the street Ayush could see the lights from a hotel which was still kept open at this time of the day. As they approached closer Ayush saw a old white Slovakian lady Covered in mufflers and sweaters sitting on a bench in-front of the hotel in the blistering cold as if she was waiting for someone.

Mervin said ” Ayush ! we are almost here. The woman that you see is my mom. She is waiting for you, i work in this hotel”

” Your mom ? you work here ? Why is see suffering this cold just tell her to go inside” replied Ayush with a little bit of confusions.

The woman got up from the bench and hugged Mervin and Ayush and asked her guest ” How was your journey my son ?”.

She spoke good English which actually fascinated Ayush. He said ” Oh well its was comfortable, I am so delighted that i met Mervin or else i would have been a bit worried.”

Ayush gave a look at this beautiful hotel from outside and the name really made him so surprised, it was written “Krishna Inn”. He taught to himself, a hotel named Krishna Inn in Slovakia. Absolutely surprising.

Mervin said ” This is Sofia Reznik, 75 years old. She is the owner of this hotel and i work here in this hotel. She is like my mom not just for me for every employ here  “.

Ayush asked “How many employees here ?”

“There are fifteen here, all Indians” Said Mervin.

It was really surprising for Ayush to know that a Slovakian woman running a Indian restaurant and all of the employees where Indians and they loved her and took care of her as their own mom.

“Son, you can have any kind of Indian food you want here” Said Sofia with so much of love in her hearts.

Ayush was so much delighted and felled home. He had his stomach full with those Indian delicacies. It was getting late and was time to leave.

“Son, do come tomorrow morning to have your breakfast, i will get you something special” Said the old woman to Ayush.

Ayush thanked her so much and Mervin.

Sofia asked Mervin to drop Ayush to his apartment were Mr James is. She insisted Mervin to take her luxurious Cadillac from her garage and drop him at his place. Mervin did as she said.

Ayush thanked her for the dinner and told her that he will come for breakfast tomorrow and got in the car along with Mervin to his apartment. He kept looking from the rear view mirror and saw that woman kept looking at them in the cold drive by until they vanished from her vicinity.

So much of taught’s kept lingering in his mind. Why does that woman waited in that harsh cold for someone she hasn’t seen so far ? Why does this woman invited me over and treat a stranger like me so well ? How did she have a hotel named Krishna Inn ? What makes her so special to her employees ?  Why did she give her Cadillac ? so much of questions in his mind but he was tired and all he wanted was to get to the apartment and fall asleep as soon as possible.


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The Love Bond #2



                                  The Love Bond

                                    Journey Begins


The wait for the day for the journey that Ayush was waiting to get abroad, find a job and earn which was throbbing in his heart was coming to an end. The flight he booked was with the Austrian Airlines to Vienna International airport in Austria. The city capital Bratislava of Slovakia resides 50 Kms from Vienna. Mr. James Ayush’s dad’s meat dealer and friend were assigned to pick the much anticipated young man Ayush to his apartment from the Vienna airport.

The Bratislava Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport is huge and has most of the carriers in service but most of the outsiders land in Vienna to save a lot of money in their pockets.

And finally Ayush bid goodbye to his family and leaves for the beautiful European country Slovakia sandwiched between the other big and popular countries in the central Europe.

He walked along the Chatrapathi Shivaji terminal browsing through the bookstalls and antique stores which labeled the pricy tags to kill the waiting time for his flight.

He purchased a translator from the airport which would fit in his pocket.

The information board showed check in and the boarding procedures began.

With all the curiosities of a first time flyer Ayush walked along the aerobridge and boarded the aircraft.

The gorgeous Austrian flight attendants guided him to his seat numbered B-1 giving to a relief to his worries. The safety procedures were illustrated by one of the cabin crew, Ayush kept watching it with great concern, the entire procedure when frequent flyers would doze off during that time mostly, the engine sound kept rising and the aircraft was getting pushed for its final run before takeoff.

Anticipation grew in him. Butterflies filled in his stomach and final breach started slightly pushing the passengers to their seats the Austrian carrier gained its speed through the Mumbai runway and glided into the air bringing hope and wings to young man waiting for his new life abroad.

After approximately 11 hours duration of travel with a transit at Dubai finally the flight touched down at the Austrian land at the Vienna International airport. The passengers disembarked the flight.

They lined up in the queue at the  immigration counters, it was Ayush’s turn the white pale fat man took his passport and rolled his eyeballs through the visa page, gave a serious look at him which caused Ayush a little bit of anxiety thinking that anything wrong possible has happened. But everything went right after all it is every travelers wish to get through the immigration process without any difficulties finally the man took a big stamp and punched the immigration stamp and smiled at Ayush and said “Welcome to Austria”.

This gave a much relief to Ayush and then he collected his bags from the baggage belts and walked outside the airport. The big clock at the airport showed 9 PM.

He decided to keep waiting for his father’s friend Mr. James in the blistering cold who was supposed to take him to Bratislava. The chill of the cold winter night was taking power; it was penetrating into his skin. He couldn’t hold take it anymore so he decided to unwrap his bag and get his leathered dark grey trench coat. And then of a sudden Ayush gets a text from James.

Mr James ford got its tire punctured on his way along the freeway, he texted about the unexpected and told him to catch a cab from the airport and messaged him the address of his apartment.

Stranded in the night in a foreign land Ayush kept walking to find a cab. He enquired the cab driver about the about the ride charge. Overhearing his conversation with the driver a person in his 30’s probably looked Asian walked towards Ayush and asked him “Are you travelling to Bratislava”.

“Yes, I am” replied Ayush.

“I am off to Bratislava too, I work there and I am from Bangalore, would you mind travelling with me because I think cab usually charge too much, we have rail services it’s cheap and safe. I can help you out probably if you don’t mind” he said.

“Oh! Thank you! I am glad” said Ayush.

“I am Mervin by the way, how about your good name sir?”

“I am Ayush, I am from Mumbai” smiled Ayush.

They walked towards the Hauptbahnhof Station in Vienna.

The European unions are well connected by EU rails which are easily accessible and incredibly cheap.

They pretty much have the world class trains and season tickets valid for a particular period time can be purchased. They purchased two tickets costing them Euro 15 each to the Bratislava Hlavna Stanica station with a travel time on the ticket which indicated one hour.

They waited at the terminal and finally a porche silver red lined Double Decker trained arrived and stop in front of them. The train actually fascinated him in its looks when Ayush thought and compared it to his homeland rail services.

They stepped into the warm luxury couch and settled down in their seats and felled a great relief from the husky cold outside.

The train began to move taking them Slovakian capital, Bratislava.


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To be continued…….


The Love Bond #1


                                      The Love Bond
The Envelope

Three weeks past by and it was nearing to the end of Jan. Sun rose high above the mystical urban shore of Mumbai. Ayush remained in his bed burying himself in the cosy quilt covering himself from head to toe welcoming the new day.

For the the young man, he was having the beautiful dream of spreading his wings and flying to a far away land to achieve his ambitions till his mom woke him up.

“Ayush wake up now, it’s past 10. Go get refreshed up and why don’t you go with your dad to help him out at the store ?” said his mom.

“Mmmm……OK mom” replied Ayush reluctantly.
Ayush’s dad runs a grocery store at the Khans’s market. A store that was bought up by his dedication and hard work in the past 25 years. Ayush still isn’t much interested in getting into business like his dad. He loved arts and the biggest wish he ever has was to sell a movie to the public. He loved theater arts.
After having a cup of tea from his mum’s little red spots tea pot that was gifted to her from her dad before he left the world two years ago.

He rushed upstairs to check his mail, the wait for the reply from the embassy of Slovakia for his visa approval. Nothing seemed new to his inbox. Except a note from her.
Yes, her I mean Naomi. Naomi is his long time friend from childhood. Albin, Naomi and Ayush where all batch mates at school. They shared a relationship which caused envy among others. Eventually at the end of the last semester of college it was Ayush who expressed his love towards her.

She works for a consulting company at downtown.
Beautiful, clever and smart are the words which can describe her. No wonder she had many men behind her at college being one most beautiful looking woman in the college. Her beautiful black scented hair spreads the essence over the corridors of St Mary’s college. She felled for Ayush for his innocence and caring character. She passed out of the college with honors as well.
The note she left in the mail said “I need to meet in the evening at the Costa Coffee at avenue street”
Time passed 5 in the evening, Ayush told his dad that he is leaving the shop to meet his friend. He took his bike and left in a hurry to the Avenue street.

He was having a mixed emotions wondering what it could be, Naomi’s parents have already started to hunt for a groom for her.
With a pounding heart beat he looked for her at the cafe. She was sitting at the corner table. He walked towards the table and asked her jokingly ” so, what’s up my dear, Have your guardians started geek hunting from IIT’s again ?”

“No, Ayush you need not worry about that I am not going to fall for that money bags. I would keep my promise” replied Naomi.

“Then, tell me why did you ask me to come over suddenly ?” asked Ayush.
Naomi opened her bag and took an envelope and handed it over to him.

” oh! Is it your termination letter ?” said Ayush with a laugh.
“Shut up! Ayush please don’t joke, open it” insisted Naomi.

Ayush opened the envelope and there was a letter in it. It said ” Schengen visa- Your visa has been approved. Welcome aboard ”
Tears of joy started filling his eyes.
” I thought it would be rejected and how did you know about it, I never told you ” said Ayush.
“That was mean of you. But Albin told me about this, so took the help of my aunt who works at the embassy in greater Mumbai to speed up the process” replied Naomi.

“I don’t know how to thank you,dear” said Ayush
” you don’t have to thank me now what you have to do is pack your bags and get yourself ready for the journey” Naomi said.
” I am going to miss you badly” said Ayush.
” me too, this would be for a good reason says my heart, now get going” told Naomi.
He caught her hands together and gave her a kiss on her forehead and said bye and left home.
Ayush left to store first to tell his dad about the visa arrival. But he was nearly shook when his dad congratulated him in advance.

” Dad, how did you know? ”
“Hoo! It’s you who did not tell me but I have people to inform me about everything you do” laughed Mr Jaganathan.

” I thought let you find your job yourself, I decided not to interfere in that and I heard you have chosen Slovakia isn’t it? ” asked his dad.
” Yes, dad is it a wrong choice? ” asked Ayush with anticipation.

” No not at all, have you notice the labels on our Tuna fish tins in the store? ” asked Jaganathan.
“No dad” replied Ayush.

“Of course, who am I asking you never gave any interest in business after all” laughed Jaganathan.
“Those come from Slovakia, I have a friend there Mr James he will help you out to settle and get comfortable with the surroundings”. Said his dad.
“Now go tell amma, and get your things ready and purchase your tickets and keep going son”.
Ayush went home took his mom’s blessings and made the arrangements of purchasing the nearest ticket and was getting his things ready.

He has been offered to teach English in a school named Zeman Midway Elementary school in the Slovakian capital, Bratislava. He was preparing himself for the trip.

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To be Continued…….

The Love Bond

                                                                                  The Love Bond
                                                                                  The young man’s miseries.

PS: Before you begin reading my novel I did like to mention that the story is based on a real life incident and the characters are real and most of them are living in the present world but I have chosen different names to depict them and have altered the story line according to my wish to make it adapt to my convenience. I also apologise for the grammatical errors at some places.Hope you enjoy reading !!

The bustling city of Mumbai was yet getting ready for its December celebrations on New Years eve.
A city with its rich history and a collaboration of different cultural groups from around the country meet up for work and leisure here.

“Ayush Jaganathan” The young man in his 20’s is in a state of instability. Looking onto his past year kept him worried that he was as usual as jobless as he was the year before too. Being a graduate with a degree in literature still made him no living. Now it’s the fourth year coming up for this 26 year old guy.

Desperately He kept thinking to himself sitting on a bench on the pavements of the beautifully lighted Marine Drive.

” Ayush where have you been?” Came a voice from behind.
Lightly shocked from his thoughts he looked up. “Oh! Albin I was just enjoying some fresh air and those light. Isn’t it beautiful ?” said Ayush.
“Yep absolutely but you seemed to be a little worried about something, what is the matter? ” replied Albin.

That question had it all after all Albin is his friend for years now since high school, he can surely understand a little blink of his expressions than anyone else could.

Ayush said ” Everybody has got placed and have been started to earn and save well for their future and I am still struggling to find a job in this huge city to my will, I can never take up a resolution to find a job here again and finally I would end up like the previous year” said Ayush in a stranded voice.
“There is nothing to worry about, Maybe it’s not time yet anyhow you have a good degree, then why should you worry much about ? Just wait”.
“I am fed up. Let me ask you something Albi. Can you help me out to go abroad so I think I can actually take up a class in theater writing and do find some job their ? What do you say ?” Said Ayush in disguise.

” You can probably go for teaching programme abroad and teach in some schools there in return you can get paid and you can also pursue to study on the other hand, that is what Mervin did last Vacation where he went to Japan” Said Albin.
“I would probably ask my uncle to go through the requirements, he runs a educational forum for helping students study abroad in South Mumbai and will get to you back” Albin left the place in a hurry.

Ayush walked his way home, the entire apartment was crowded with his relatives who has come all the way from Kerala and Bangalore to celebrate New Year.

He walked straight into his room upstairs with a gloomy face bothering nothing and locked up.
He switched on his laptop and started typing as usual and then he realized that he would probably go abroad and their would be something else waiting for him to change his life. He began surfing the theater writing schools in the Europe.

And finally came to a page of University of Krail.
Established in the year of 1902 and holds a well number of list of alumni and great department for theater arts.
Suddenly he found his phone ringing. He answered the call it was from Albin.

“Hi Ayush, it’s me Albin I just talked to my uncle now and he said their are lot of exchange programmes on teaching abroad and you won’t have a problem to get one since you hold a degree in English and French. Now you need to choose the place you wish for wisely, Once you get the place fixed give me a call and then we shall look for the visa procedures. Bye”- he kept the phone in a hurry.
That gave a smile on Ayush face.
Now where on the world is this University of Krail ?
He kept scrolling to the bottom of the screen and to find out the place.

And then he heard the fireworks up in the sky marking the beginning of the New Year and then he Saw the address on the lower end of the screen.
It was written Bratislava, Slovakia.
He opened up a new task bar and typed the Slovakian wiki-travel onto the address bar and browsed through the pictures of landscapes and the city and eventually fell in love with this beautiful country in the European continent.
He picked up his mobile and called Albin.

“Albin! I found the place dude!”
“Where is it ? Tell me bro” said Albin
“Slovakia” replied Ayush.
” where, Sorry I did not hear you, could you tell me loudly! ” yelled Albin.
” Slovakia !!!” Replied Ayush with much louder voice.
” Where on earth is that ? Is it in Europe? ” asked Albin.
” Yes man, I am going to SLOVAKIA !!! ”
” All the best then I shall get you the details as soon as possible, Happy New Year !!”

“Happy New Year Buddy! ” said Ayush with a smile on his face.
He turned off his laptop and kept staring at the nightlife from the window of his two floor apartment hoping to have a beautiful year ahead.

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Copyright by Gokul Vijayan
Gokul Vijayan

To Be Continued. . . . .