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Gokul: Welcome to GV’s Talk, Jinsha Basheer!

Let’s Kickstart the interview.

How did your vlogging career begin? 

Jinsha – I started off vlogging in 2017 October 1st. It all happened unexpectedly. I happened to notice malpractice that took place in a gas station. They were catering less amount of fuel to the customers to that of the price. So I insisted on the staffs in the gas station to pump more fuel ie if a person asks for petrol for 100 Rupees give him the fuel for 105 Rupees so that the amount that is being neglected could be resolved. It wouldn’t be a rip off for the customers. I always spoke if something obscene happened in front of me. I couldn’t stay quite. I told my husband that we should let more people know how the gas station owners cheat people in this way. I recorded a video. It was my husband Faisal Mohammad who suggested to create a Facebook page and then shares the video. But shockingly I received 5000 likes in one day. There is another reason to this as well Mr Ratheesh R Menon a YouTuber happen to share my video which brought the video to the limelight.

Jinsha with her husband Faisal in Malaysia.

There is a speciality about you or let me say that you had
one more hurdle to overcome. Coming from a Muslim
conservative society how easy was it for your journey till

Jinsha – Yes, I belong to the Muslim community. I believe in Allah. It is perhaps difficult to be in the media industry from such a background. The number of people who accept my ideologies was less in the beginning just because I was Muslim. But it’s wrong! I was asked this question many times at the beginning of my vlogging career ‘Hey girl, Don’t you want to die ? or Sometimes Do you ever wished to go to heaven after death ?’. But what I wanted to say to all of them who said this is that that thought is wrong. If you think what you do is helping others, could shine and bring happiness to somebody else’s life then do it. You’re doing it right. Believe in good deeds and support that person irrespective of gender.

A regular day at work.

Let’s not talk about negative criticisms now. First, how far do
you accept constructive criticisms?

Jinsha – In the first year, my followers reached 3.70 Lakh followers and on Youtube about 60000 subscribers. So things have changed. People are understanding and accepting what I need to say. It is great progress that now among 100 people less than 10 of them brings out destructive criticisms rest all are suggestions and feedback on improving my channel. I accept them wholeheartedly. I want to improve more.

A little pride!

You have been a person who had to face a lot of destructive
criticisms in the beginning. Do you think you had to face this
because you were from the female half of society? How did
you deal with it?

Jinsha – A lot of criticisms as I mentioned before, There was a point when I even thought of quitting from vlogging, but Gokul if you ask me how did I ease them and what made me push forward I would say it’s my family and close friends. My dad worked for the military and he had always thought me to speak up for my rights. Not to let a life suppressing my thoughts. I am extremely a lucky person to have a husband with the same ideology. Faisal is my backbone, he supports me in everything from shooting to editing videos. I have a daughter ‘Inara’ who is four years old she’s been a nice kid and my sisters too are encouraging. I should not leave my friend Shamjad and his family, they were the only people who gave me courage when most of the people from my neighbourhood disagreed on me vlogging.

At a flood relief camp.

Many women after getting married specially in Asian
countries are confined to taking care of children and home
chores. How do you manage to keep a balance between
work and life?

Jinsha – There is always a belief that a woman is supposed to stay home and look after the children and household chores. It is acceptable but their life is not just meant for that they always have a space of their own. They should be able to work the job that they love and are passionate about. Getting a partner who understands and supports you is a big win-win.

I said I have a young kid but at the same time I work and look after her. She is my priority. It wouldn’t be possible without my husband too.

I am not a feminist and I can allow men to be a step ahead of us but thinking woman are not capable of anything is absolutely deniable. It’s the 21st century and in a household, it is responsibily of the wife to support the husband in every matter even financially. Share whatever comes up in life together. That is my belief. No no nobody suppresses a woman.

You are a popular Youtuber among Gulf Malayalee’s and
here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to the charity
works that you have indulged being a social media
influencer. What gave you the interest in helping the needy

Jinsha – I work for money, GV you know how much YouTubers get paid. I had a copyright issue and my monetization was banned for 5 months and it’s been only 15 days now I was allowed again to monetize. I charge customers for publicity I do on my channel and I do it really looking into their background. If there are financially sound what’s wrong in charging them? I live on that.

If I feel they belong to the poor section of the society I don’t charge anything. I even travel kilometres to their place to shoot the video without any charge. This is how I can help them and to bring progress to society. Charity is another thing I promote intensively through my channel. I need to give back to society for the love they give me now. I have received 6 awards so far. I was able to raise 30 lakh rupees for a year old kid to get her bone marrow transplant done. It gives me a smile and I’m thankful to god!


What would be the proudest moment in your life that
vlogging as brought you?

Jinsha – The proudest moment is what I mentioned now, to raise the amount the money for that kid. Her parents did not actually watch the entire video that I made on JIPMER medical centre on bone marrow transplantation and misunderstood for free treatment and travelled all the way to the hospital. That kid was tired and her parents wanted to let me know about the situation but they had no means to reach me apart from my video. Some NRI Malayalee made a video and shared to reach me. Ironically, I happened to see that I felt bad about the situation. I made a live video immediately and then rest was history. I was able to raise a whopping 30 lakhs! I was so happy when her father sends me the screenshots of the bank transfers to his account from all over the world. When the child underwent surgery and came back recovered with a smile on her face. That moment still lives in my heart. I thank all of the people who made this happen from the bottom of my heart through GV’s Talk.

Can you think of what is the unforgettable experiences that you had through vlogging?

Jinsha – Yes,  all the countries that I got to travel is through my Facebook page. It just opened up a whole new world to me. We both were software engineers but now vlogging is what we love and do for a living.

Do you have any tips to females who wanted to take up
vlogging as a career?

Jinsha – It a great world to be. It a full-time job for many. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to be you. Be natural. Never try to imitate anybody. Many people have asked me if I’m rude at home but the reality is this is the way I speak and I’m most confident to speak that way. Now people like that. Also, there are many females who do not like to reveal their identity so people like them can do cookery shows and so on in the comfort of their home. It’s an income generator. Try and see what works for you.

Before we wind up do you have anything to tell the society
through GV’s Talk?

Jinsha – Okay! The one thing that I wanted to convey to all the readers of GV’s Talk is that if you believe in one thing strive your best to bring that into reality. There might be many hurdles in front of you but it will all pay off but make sure there is a good deed in what you do. Thank you, GV!

Thank you so much for having your time Jinsha. Wish you all the best in your future endeavours.



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