Here Is What Folklore Tales From Kochin Has To Say !!

That feeling when your taken back into the strange and beautiful era of past ? I got those feel on my visit to this place in Kochin. Yes, i am talking about the Folklore Museum at Thevera.


Folklore Museum at Folklore Junction, Thevera.


The first aspect that captures everyone’s notice is the appearance of the building, built in rich Kerala ethnic style.Then what to expect in the interiors ? Yep, Smoothed wooden flooring adds to its beauty and tradition. Great ambiance and the building has made utilized the space to its maximum without causing any discomfort to the visitors by proper displays and labels with descriptions.


Beautifully maintained interiors. 


Some of the artifacts are really awe striking. Indeed, some displays the richness of the Kerala as well as the Dravidian culture and traditions.

The single sculptured lion was one of my favorite. It’s got a unique attractiveness 😉 here is the image below.

Beautiful yet, ferocious Huh?


In the ground floor you can almost cover the sculptures and wooden artifacts.


Ground Floor
Masks depicting various facial expressions.
Olden potteries at display.
OMG!! Hundreds of artifacts like beetles boxes,instruments etc glassed.  
Guess what ? Ancient measuring tapes !
Kathakali art-form costume
Miniature house boats at souvenir shop.
String Puppets
Traveler’s Choice

These galore of artifacts can be visited with a entry of Rs 200 for adults and Rs 100 for children. For video and photography an additional of Rs 100 has to be paid at the ticket counter. The museum is open on all days from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. For contact: Phone no: 0484 266 5452.

Eminent personalities have visited this museum including Prince Charles on his visit to Kochin. A must visit place to look back into the prolific history.

Cultural custom stage shows are also organised for a minimum of 100 members which is booked well in advance.

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