The Love Bond #8


The Love Bond
Little Sofia

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Peter was getting his accounts in his drawing room.SylvIa was knitting cloth beside him on the rocking chair near to the fire place.

Dhum….dhum… heard the voices from the room upstairs.

“What is that noise? ” asked peter.

“I have no idea Peter, maybe they might be running around.” said Sylvia.

Sylvia stood up from the chair,peeped through the curtain saw Samo and Simon busy in the garden.

“Peter, Simon and Samo are in the garden. Where is this sound coming from then? Sofi! Shouted Sylvia but came no reply.

“It’s ok, I will go check out.” said Peter. He walked upstairs. As he moved closer the sound seemed increasing probably like heavy foot steps.

The room upstairs was closed and mild music from the radio kept coming out of the room.
“Sofi ! Where are you? Said Peter.

He got the knob of the door and opened gently without making a noise. He peeped into room and he saw little princes. He kept quite rushed down stairs and called Sylvia to come over with him upstairs.

“What is it Peter? Where is Sofi ?!” Sylvia asked.
“Ssshhh!! Just be quite, I will show you something” said him.

They both looked into the room. They were astonished to see the five year old Sofi dancing to the beats of the Slovakian music from the radio. She moved to the beats in so much co ordinance. She danced with lot passion with what a five year can dance. They kept staring at her dance with so much of happiness.

“Sofi! ” said Sylvia.
She stopped quickly and ran towards the curtain with shy.

“Sofi, come out you danced so well.Good girl” said Peter.

Sylvia pulled her out of the curtain and kissed her.
“Do you want to learn dance? ” asked Peter.

Nodded the little girl with her head for the big yes.
“From where did you learn those steps?, it was beautiful” asked Peter.

“Dada, I saw the beautiful ladies dancing at the ball day before yesterday. I wanted to dance like them” smiled Sofia.

“Sure, I shall make you join a dance academy, now it’s time for some food, you must really hungry little princess” said Peter and they walked downstairs.

That evening Peter took Sofia to nearby dance academy to make her to begin her first dance training with a professional trainer.

She was the youngest among all the students in the academy.

Mrs Penelope, the dance trainer was very much interested in Sofia as a young child she was very keen in grasping the steps one by one. She showed a lot of passion and her each steps was nearing perfection day by day. She finally stole her trainers heart, Penelope started to have a lot of expectations for her.

Three years passed by, Sofia was one of the best performers in her dance academy.

In 1945, Czech and Slovakia was reunited under the Russian soviet union.

She started to become in her school, she bagged lot of prizes for competitions. The neighbourhood had gatherings in the weekends at the town hall.
Sofia performed in all the possible opportunities she got.
She turned on her radio danced to it all alone in her room when she got bored. Dance begin to be her life after all. She danced while walking, bathing, studying and even in her dreams. Her feet kept tapping to a rhythm at all times. Dance meant everything to her.

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The Love Bond #2



                                  The Love Bond

                                    Journey Begins


The wait for the day for the journey that Ayush was waiting to get abroad, find a job and earn which was throbbing in his heart was coming to an end. The flight he booked was with the Austrian Airlines to Vienna International airport in Austria. The city capital Bratislava of Slovakia resides 50 Kms from Vienna. Mr. James Ayush’s dad’s meat dealer and friend were assigned to pick the much anticipated young man Ayush to his apartment from the Vienna airport.

The Bratislava Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport is huge and has most of the carriers in service but most of the outsiders land in Vienna to save a lot of money in their pockets.

And finally Ayush bid goodbye to his family and leaves for the beautiful European country Slovakia sandwiched between the other big and popular countries in the central Europe.

He walked along the Chatrapathi Shivaji terminal browsing through the bookstalls and antique stores which labeled the pricy tags to kill the waiting time for his flight.

He purchased a translator from the airport which would fit in his pocket.

The information board showed check in and the boarding procedures began.

With all the curiosities of a first time flyer Ayush walked along the aerobridge and boarded the aircraft.

The gorgeous Austrian flight attendants guided him to his seat numbered B-1 giving to a relief to his worries. The safety procedures were illustrated by one of the cabin crew, Ayush kept watching it with great concern, the entire procedure when frequent flyers would doze off during that time mostly, the engine sound kept rising and the aircraft was getting pushed for its final run before takeoff.

Anticipation grew in him. Butterflies filled in his stomach and final breach started slightly pushing the passengers to their seats the Austrian carrier gained its speed through the Mumbai runway and glided into the air bringing hope and wings to young man waiting for his new life abroad.

After approximately 11 hours duration of travel with a transit at Dubai finally the flight touched down at the Austrian land at the Vienna International airport. The passengers disembarked the flight.

They lined up in the queue at the  immigration counters, it was Ayush’s turn the white pale fat man took his passport and rolled his eyeballs through the visa page, gave a serious look at him which caused Ayush a little bit of anxiety thinking that anything wrong possible has happened. But everything went right after all it is every travelers wish to get through the immigration process without any difficulties finally the man took a big stamp and punched the immigration stamp and smiled at Ayush and said “Welcome to Austria”.

This gave a much relief to Ayush and then he collected his bags from the baggage belts and walked outside the airport. The big clock at the airport showed 9 PM.

He decided to keep waiting for his father’s friend Mr. James in the blistering cold who was supposed to take him to Bratislava. The chill of the cold winter night was taking power; it was penetrating into his skin. He couldn’t hold take it anymore so he decided to unwrap his bag and get his leathered dark grey trench coat. And then of a sudden Ayush gets a text from James.

Mr James ford got its tire punctured on his way along the freeway, he texted about the unexpected and told him to catch a cab from the airport and messaged him the address of his apartment.

Stranded in the night in a foreign land Ayush kept walking to find a cab. He enquired the cab driver about the about the ride charge. Overhearing his conversation with the driver a person in his 30’s probably looked Asian walked towards Ayush and asked him “Are you travelling to Bratislava”.

“Yes, I am” replied Ayush.

“I am off to Bratislava too, I work there and I am from Bangalore, would you mind travelling with me because I think cab usually charge too much, we have rail services it’s cheap and safe. I can help you out probably if you don’t mind” he said.

“Oh! Thank you! I am glad” said Ayush.

“I am Mervin by the way, how about your good name sir?”

“I am Ayush, I am from Mumbai” smiled Ayush.

They walked towards the Hauptbahnhof Station in Vienna.

The European unions are well connected by EU rails which are easily accessible and incredibly cheap.

They pretty much have the world class trains and season tickets valid for a particular period time can be purchased. They purchased two tickets costing them Euro 15 each to the Bratislava Hlavna Stanica station with a travel time on the ticket which indicated one hour.

They waited at the terminal and finally a porche silver red lined Double Decker trained arrived and stop in front of them. The train actually fascinated him in its looks when Ayush thought and compared it to his homeland rail services.

They stepped into the warm luxury couch and settled down in their seats and felled a great relief from the husky cold outside.

The train began to move taking them Slovakian capital, Bratislava.


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The Love Bond #1


                                      The Love Bond
The Envelope

Three weeks past by and it was nearing to the end of Jan. Sun rose high above the mystical urban shore of Mumbai. Ayush remained in his bed burying himself in the cosy quilt covering himself from head to toe welcoming the new day.

For the the young man, he was having the beautiful dream of spreading his wings and flying to a far away land to achieve his ambitions till his mom woke him up.

“Ayush wake up now, it’s past 10. Go get refreshed up and why don’t you go with your dad to help him out at the store ?” said his mom.

“Mmmm……OK mom” replied Ayush reluctantly.
Ayush’s dad runs a grocery store at the Khans’s market. A store that was bought up by his dedication and hard work in the past 25 years. Ayush still isn’t much interested in getting into business like his dad. He loved arts and the biggest wish he ever has was to sell a movie to the public. He loved theater arts.
After having a cup of tea from his mum’s little red spots tea pot that was gifted to her from her dad before he left the world two years ago.

He rushed upstairs to check his mail, the wait for the reply from the embassy of Slovakia for his visa approval. Nothing seemed new to his inbox. Except a note from her.
Yes, her I mean Naomi. Naomi is his long time friend from childhood. Albin, Naomi and Ayush where all batch mates at school. They shared a relationship which caused envy among others. Eventually at the end of the last semester of college it was Ayush who expressed his love towards her.

She works for a consulting company at downtown.
Beautiful, clever and smart are the words which can describe her. No wonder she had many men behind her at college being one most beautiful looking woman in the college. Her beautiful black scented hair spreads the essence over the corridors of St Mary’s college. She felled for Ayush for his innocence and caring character. She passed out of the college with honors as well.
The note she left in the mail said “I need to meet in the evening at the Costa Coffee at avenue street”
Time passed 5 in the evening, Ayush told his dad that he is leaving the shop to meet his friend. He took his bike and left in a hurry to the Avenue street.

He was having a mixed emotions wondering what it could be, Naomi’s parents have already started to hunt for a groom for her.
With a pounding heart beat he looked for her at the cafe. She was sitting at the corner table. He walked towards the table and asked her jokingly ” so, what’s up my dear, Have your guardians started geek hunting from IIT’s again ?”

“No, Ayush you need not worry about that I am not going to fall for that money bags. I would keep my promise” replied Naomi.

“Then, tell me why did you ask me to come over suddenly ?” asked Ayush.
Naomi opened her bag and took an envelope and handed it over to him.

” oh! Is it your termination letter ?” said Ayush with a laugh.
“Shut up! Ayush please don’t joke, open it” insisted Naomi.

Ayush opened the envelope and there was a letter in it. It said ” Schengen visa- Your visa has been approved. Welcome aboard ”
Tears of joy started filling his eyes.
” I thought it would be rejected and how did you know about it, I never told you ” said Ayush.
“That was mean of you. But Albin told me about this, so took the help of my aunt who works at the embassy in greater Mumbai to speed up the process” replied Naomi.

“I don’t know how to thank you,dear” said Ayush
” you don’t have to thank me now what you have to do is pack your bags and get yourself ready for the journey” Naomi said.
” I am going to miss you badly” said Ayush.
” me too, this would be for a good reason says my heart, now get going” told Naomi.
He caught her hands together and gave her a kiss on her forehead and said bye and left home.
Ayush left to store first to tell his dad about the visa arrival. But he was nearly shook when his dad congratulated him in advance.

” Dad, how did you know? ”
“Hoo! It’s you who did not tell me but I have people to inform me about everything you do” laughed Mr Jaganathan.

” I thought let you find your job yourself, I decided not to interfere in that and I heard you have chosen Slovakia isn’t it? ” asked his dad.
” Yes, dad is it a wrong choice? ” asked Ayush with anticipation.

” No not at all, have you notice the labels on our Tuna fish tins in the store? ” asked Jaganathan.
“No dad” replied Ayush.

“Of course, who am I asking you never gave any interest in business after all” laughed Jaganathan.
“Those come from Slovakia, I have a friend there Mr James he will help you out to settle and get comfortable with the surroundings”. Said his dad.
“Now go tell amma, and get your things ready and purchase your tickets and keep going son”.
Ayush went home took his mom’s blessings and made the arrangements of purchasing the nearest ticket and was getting his things ready.

He has been offered to teach English in a school named Zeman Midway Elementary school in the Slovakian capital, Bratislava. He was preparing himself for the trip.

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