The Love Bond #7

Majdanek Camp (Right Gas chamber)



The Love Bond


Peter gave Madeline a pouch of gold coins as rewards for coming over to help. She thanked him and with joy she left home. But she or her family wasn’t lucky enough. As the World War II was in its heights of battle to depress the German power on Europe and abolish Nazism for ever. Jews were searched and found out from hooks and nooks of the city and were send to camps. Madeline and family became the victims of this as well .One week after, They were caught red-handed by the Germans and was deported to camps. They were split to three Madeline was send to one, children to another and her husband to another one. In huge coaches of train without even a proper ventilation the were loaded like goods and were taken to the concentration camps that where build for them. Madeline and her family where taken to Majdanek, a death camp which was constructed in the city of Lublin, Poland.

The huge bogeys of goods train unloaded large number of people to the camps. From there woman’s, children and men where separated. They are send to three different blocks painted in green.

They formed long queues, in the beginning and they waited for their turn to enter the a barrack, which was concreted completely. They were greeted with so much of politeness by the Schutzstaffel or the popularly known SS men with words like “Ma’am could you move forward ?” but who knew what actually was waiting for them the next minute ?

Inside the barracks they saw benches that are long and cemented. They were asked to strip themselves before advancing to the next block.

They removed there dress and was said that they could have it back once the bathing or the purification was over. They moved forward in queues, a huge board written ” bad Un Disinfecktion” welcomed the naked fearful live bodies.

What they saw is a concrete room with no possible ventilation, twice the size of bath houses. Tiled walls which contained numerous holes which had pipes projecting outwards. Puzzled victims stood their rubbing and touching the naked bodies to others assuming the flow of water from the pipes any moment. They were filled up to the maximum that it was not even possible to properly tilt their body from side to side. The doors went closed leaving behind not even a ray of light except a small opening on the ceiling and a keyhole which is possibly 2 cm in diameter. It was absolute dark and hot with these people breathing on each other.

As soon as it went dark warm water leaked into the room for a while, and then pale blue crystals of zyklon B was released which immediately vapourized in the hot humid atmosphere. Who knew that it would cause them suffocation. Wondering it to be a cleansing agent they kept quiet but after a while they all were dead with suffocation.

Naked dead bodies piled one above the other. They went in turns woman’s, men and and even children.

In one of the Queue Madeline kept stood high in her spirits. A telegram arrived at her residence in Slovakia. It was lying on the floor in front of the door. Lara opened it. It said


 “The members – Madeline Aatami (28),Abdiel Aatami(35), Abel Aatami (14) and Aaron Aatami (11). Deported and vergasted (which eventually means ‘gassed out’ at Majdanek,Poland.Confirmation Death”.

SCR- 1000072385678, Germany.

 Lara read the telegram and tears started to roll down her cheeks. She kept the telegram closed to her heart and prayed to god in a murmur.

After a year of Sofia’s birth the Russian red power over threw the German power from Slovakia and thus the Czech republic and Slovakian republic was once more joined together to form the Czechoslovakia. In 1993, Dec 31st Czechoslovakia was reborn.

The communist rule of the Soviet power was in its heights all over the nation. Red flags waved in the streets of Bratislava.

The Hornik households finally began to witness some peace. There business started to grow higher and bringing them all the luxury and money once again.

Couple of years past by, Sofia turned eight. She was as adorning as a doll. Maids kept all the attention to her. She was perhaps naughty than her brothers. Peter loved her than anything. She was presented precious gifts which the cities other children would dream for. A gold bordered fabricated pink frock was her gift for her eighth birthday. She wore that for the entire day and walked around with so much of courage along the corridors of her mansion. Maids surrounded her all time pampering her. Sylvia asked the maids not to pamper her so much that she would be spoiled of excessive pampering.

The beautiful young girl was smart in her studies and was just as good in anything even helping out with her dad’s business at this age!

On a bright sunny day, Peter was sitting at his office solving his accounts, it was then Peter discovered this………..

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To be continued….

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The Love Bond

                                                                                  The Love Bond
                                                                                  The young man’s miseries.

PS: Before you begin reading my novel I did like to mention that the story is based on a real life incident and the characters are real and most of them are living in the present world but I have chosen different names to depict them and have altered the story line according to my wish to make it adapt to my convenience. I also apologise for the grammatical errors at some places.Hope you enjoy reading !!

The bustling city of Mumbai was yet getting ready for its December celebrations on New Years eve.
A city with its rich history and a collaboration of different cultural groups from around the country meet up for work and leisure here.

“Ayush Jaganathan” The young man in his 20’s is in a state of instability. Looking onto his past year kept him worried that he was as usual as jobless as he was the year before too. Being a graduate with a degree in literature still made him no living. Now it’s the fourth year coming up for this 26 year old guy.

Desperately He kept thinking to himself sitting on a bench on the pavements of the beautifully lighted Marine Drive.

” Ayush where have you been?” Came a voice from behind.
Lightly shocked from his thoughts he looked up. “Oh! Albin I was just enjoying some fresh air and those light. Isn’t it beautiful ?” said Ayush.
“Yep absolutely but you seemed to be a little worried about something, what is the matter? ” replied Albin.

That question had it all after all Albin is his friend for years now since high school, he can surely understand a little blink of his expressions than anyone else could.

Ayush said ” Everybody has got placed and have been started to earn and save well for their future and I am still struggling to find a job in this huge city to my will, I can never take up a resolution to find a job here again and finally I would end up like the previous year” said Ayush in a stranded voice.
“There is nothing to worry about, Maybe it’s not time yet anyhow you have a good degree, then why should you worry much about ? Just wait”.
“I am fed up. Let me ask you something Albi. Can you help me out to go abroad so I think I can actually take up a class in theater writing and do find some job their ? What do you say ?” Said Ayush in disguise.

” You can probably go for teaching programme abroad and teach in some schools there in return you can get paid and you can also pursue to study on the other hand, that is what Mervin did last Vacation where he went to Japan” Said Albin.
“I would probably ask my uncle to go through the requirements, he runs a educational forum for helping students study abroad in South Mumbai and will get to you back” Albin left the place in a hurry.

Ayush walked his way home, the entire apartment was crowded with his relatives who has come all the way from Kerala and Bangalore to celebrate New Year.

He walked straight into his room upstairs with a gloomy face bothering nothing and locked up.
He switched on his laptop and started typing as usual and then he realized that he would probably go abroad and their would be something else waiting for him to change his life. He began surfing the theater writing schools in the Europe.

And finally came to a page of University of Krail.
Established in the year of 1902 and holds a well number of list of alumni and great department for theater arts.
Suddenly he found his phone ringing. He answered the call it was from Albin.

“Hi Ayush, it’s me Albin I just talked to my uncle now and he said their are lot of exchange programmes on teaching abroad and you won’t have a problem to get one since you hold a degree in English and French. Now you need to choose the place you wish for wisely, Once you get the place fixed give me a call and then we shall look for the visa procedures. Bye”- he kept the phone in a hurry.
That gave a smile on Ayush face.
Now where on the world is this University of Krail ?
He kept scrolling to the bottom of the screen and to find out the place.

And then he heard the fireworks up in the sky marking the beginning of the New Year and then he Saw the address on the lower end of the screen.
It was written Bratislava, Slovakia.
He opened up a new task bar and typed the Slovakian wiki-travel onto the address bar and browsed through the pictures of landscapes and the city and eventually fell in love with this beautiful country in the European continent.
He picked up his mobile and called Albin.

“Albin! I found the place dude!”
“Where is it ? Tell me bro” said Albin
“Slovakia” replied Ayush.
” where, Sorry I did not hear you, could you tell me loudly! ” yelled Albin.
” Slovakia !!!” Replied Ayush with much louder voice.
” Where on earth is that ? Is it in Europe? ” asked Albin.
” Yes man, I am going to SLOVAKIA !!! ”
” All the best then I shall get you the details as soon as possible, Happy New Year !!”

“Happy New Year Buddy! ” said Ayush with a smile on his face.
He turned off his laptop and kept staring at the nightlife from the window of his two floor apartment hoping to have a beautiful year ahead.

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Copyright by Gokul Vijayan
Gokul Vijayan

To Be Continued. . . . .