A Stay At The Best 3-Star Luxury Hotel At Dalhousie – Hotel Mongas.

Dalhousie, A Hill-Station situated above the 5 hills in the district of Chamba, Himachel Pradesh. Often referred to as the Mini-Switzerland of India. The mild cold afternoons with rays of sun falling on to your skin, the chilly mornings and the opportunity to stroll out into to the Tibetan markets for shopping during evenings makes Dalhousie a perfect holiday destination for Families and Honeymooners.

Every vacation turns out to be a memorable one if you find a perfect place to stay especially when you are planning a trip with your family. Let me share my experience with this hotel that I found out in Dalhousie.

Hotel Mongas, Creatively furnished and maintained 3-Star hotel was truly a perfect choice.

The hotel resides on a beautiful location overlooking the hill station giving a magnificent view of Dalhousie once you step out into your balcony from your room.

Way To Reception

The room is so cozy and comfortable with all the basic amenities including toiletries, blankets, coffee makers and hot water which are the facilities most travelers look for on trips to hill stations.

They have wide range of room categories starting from Deluxe rooms to Maharaja Family rooms & Honeymoon special rooms.

My Attic with private sit-out Room

Once you wake up in the morning the view  room offers is astonishing, the mist coming down the mountain peaks is so magical to see.

A View From My Balcony!

The walkaways of the hotel are crafted with flower hangings and are clean and well maintained adding to the aesthetic beauty.

Walk ways

The hotel also arranges a musical evening which is amazing to listen while your sipping a hot chocolate or having a beer. Which no other hotels provide.

Musical Night

The restaurant posses a multi continental cuisines ranging from South-Indian to Chinese on a buffet system so you can eat your heart out!

The Restaurant

The hotel as got great accessibility to the Gandhi Chowk  Market and the Tibetan Market in a walk-able distance. Hence making the stay more convenient .

My overall ratings would be:

  • Comfort: 8.5/10
  • Value For Money: 8:5/10
  • Cleanliness: 9/10
  • Services: 9/10
  • Dinning: 9.5/10
  • Location: 10/10
  • WiFi: 8/10

Great Ambiance
Coffee, Mist and Cold a perfect combination.
For Contact: 

Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie,
Himachal Pradesh,
Pin Code -176304

Contact Numbers:

+91-9418180000,+91-9418180101,+91-9418010927 ,+91-01899-240581

Reservations At:


PS: The ratings are based on my personal experience.


Gokul Vijayan

(Travel Blogger)



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Grover Zampa – Wine Lovers Paradise.

Bangalore (Bengaluru) is an amazing vibrant, multi cultured city. The night life in particular is something which other cities usually miss out. But Bangalore has something more to offer it’s visitors especially the wine lovers.

Without a winery tour your itinerary could be absolutely incomplete.

On my last visit to Karnataka, i was pleased to explore the wineries of the leading wine maker of the country Grover Zampa.

Grover Zampa has its vineyards spread across two parts of the country. One at Nashik, Maharashtra and the other at the Nandi Hills, Bengaluru.

The beautiful lawn at Bangalore winery.


The entry to the winery itself creates an ambiance that evokes the soul in you. The smell of the tender wines fills the air. Where ever you go the smell of the wine lingers throughout.

My guide or more precisely the hospitality manager Mr Vipin Singh absolutely took over the tour with great enthusiasm and made it more memorable.

Grover Zampa on media.

Grover Zampa was found in 1988 by Mr Kanwal Grover and Mr George Veselles. Their passion and love towards wine made them bring out this wonderful venture into reality. The present CEO of the Grover company is Mr Kapal Grover. They boast of having the leading wine consultant in the world Mr George Rollands.

Wine Barrel shaped seating’s.

The tour covers a brief description of the wine making process which includes many process like from harvesting, de-stembing to bottling.

When the process till wine production is done then the wine is kept for the aging process in the cold barrel. Depending on the type of wine whether red or white or whatever the time duration also varies for weeks. Here is the picture that i have captured of the barrel room.

The cold barrel room

The barrel room is maintained at 16 C degrees temperature.

Once you make it to this part of this tour then comes the most interesting part of the tour that is the wine tasting section. You could actually lure your tongue with the relishing taste of the top 5 exotic  Grover Zampa’s wine collections.

The top 5 that you can taste for !!

Your guide will make sure that you explore the wines from it’s low intensity one to the high so that you can actually get to know each one of them. But Sssshhh!!! before you just take a huge gobble of them their are surely some etiquette’s to be followed and tips and tricks which the guide would surely love to explain.

By this you come to an end to the winery tour but delicious lunch would be waiting for you at the outside cottage.

Tasting time !!

Before the aging process their are lot of other process that you can see for yourself, since photography is strictly prohibited i am not sharing those. Those parts of the tour are really informative and was something new that i haven’t seen before.

Wine from the art collections.
Lunch time after the winery tour.

If you really wanted to extent your do visit the vineyard which is 18 Kms from the winery towards the Green Valley Resort Doddaballapur.

The vineyard

Make sure you go at the harvest season since you can catch them big and ready for harvest ie between January to April.

Bitter Sweet !!

That was one beautiful tour i had, so i definitely recommend my friends and my followers on WordPress to try out too.

The tour rates are like Rs 850 for adults per head. All you need is reserve in advance at Grover Zampa with Mondays being a holiday.

PS: I did really like to thank Mr Vipin Kumar Singh the hospitality head for dedicating his valued time for taking me around the winery.

With the Hospitality Manager Mr Vipin Singh.



Mumbai: Tel: 022 3085 9141

Bangalore: Tel: 080 2762 2826

Nashik: Tel: 088 0500 0822

For more details visit website: http://www.groverzampa.in

Cheers !!

I you have been on Grover Zampa share your experience on the comments below !!

Please feel free to contact me through mail gokulvijay484@gmail.com or through the blog for any details.

Thank You for reading !!

Have a good day !!



The Power Of Language

“English the universal language has the power more than you think; it can shut anyone’s mouth”

Written By- Gokul Vijayan

The long wait for the flight is about to get over after three hours of wait at the terminal of Sharjah International airport .I am accompanied with my sister to catch our transit flight to Ad Dammam,Although the journey from Kochin to Sharjah was perfectly comfortable. We never knew that we would witness such a situation on board of our next aircraft.

Do you actually believe that racism still exist in the world? And that too among new generation? Well my article will give you answer to that.

The airport ground staffs at the entrance of Aero bridge opened the doors signalling it’s time to board the aircraft. We took our hand baggage’s and strolled down the bridge in a hurry to board the aircraft. We were seated at the fifth row, my sister took the window seat and I sat to the adjacent seat to her. A super clean aircraft guess it’s a new addition to the fleets of Air Arabia.Perhaps,I noticed that the entire aircraft was filled with Arabs predominantly the youngsters who would be probably pursuing their college studies in universities across the Emirates. We both were the only ones who seemed to be an expatriate on board.

Lot of chattering happening on the aircraft, you know how Arabs speak. They generally speak loudly that there nicest words sound to be yelling to the ears of other nationalities although they don’t mean too. There we go, adding to the final passengers to the aircraft a group of three men who could belong to the East Asian ethnicity boarded the aircraft.They might be working as laborers in contracting companies because their outlook showed it all.This was the instance when we witnessed what racism meant in the real world.

There were a group of young Arab ladies sitting on the front seats. They immediately took a piece of cloth and wrapped there face with it and starting yelling and giggling “rahiya” which eventually means “smell”. They meant that these poor people smelled like a skunk and started to burst into laughter. Their illustrations took the notice of the entire people on board even the cabin crews. But no one raised their voiced against this verbal discrimination neither do they, since they were very poor in the language and they feared speaking out. They felled incredibly bad in front of others that even we was uncomfortable watching it. They kept their anger towards themselves and sat silently in the aircraft throughout the entire journey listening to the young ladies verbal abuse. We tried to get our sights away from it, but our inner self did not allow us maybe because we too belonged to the South Asian ethnicity? How can we simply sit listening to this?

My sister told me” we need to speak up for that poor fellows”. And I told her “definitely, we should but we must consider that we are travelling alone ourselves we need not create a scene here, but we can give a back hit the same way they did to them. What would you say? ”

“Exactly” she agreed.

As soon as the flight touched down and taxied along the runway, stopped for the disembarkation. We made sure we were the first one to get out the aircraft. The young women at the front row gave a frown face at us. It’s not because we collided with her or something, but that she cannot allow us to go first. She considers herself more superior moreover we are in her country now. We waved bye to the air hostess and got down the aircraft gathering many frowned faces over us. We gave least concern towards it.

We had to board a Volvo bus next which would take us to the terminal. The entire bus was filled with passengers and it was so air tight that I literally felled suffocating, on top of that the strong aroma of the perfumes of these ladies made my head to twist.

We taught this would be our chance. We took a piece of cloth and covered our nose with that. These women’s understood that we are upon something. We thought speaking English is the only way that we could possibly show our hatred and anger towards those ladies as it is the most widely accepted language on earth and not knowing it is absolutely considered a drawback. So we decided to have a good rapport with each other and started to have conversations regarding the smell, flight, people and their disgusting aroma of the perfumes. We pretty much showed actions and talked slightly in a higher voice that the entire bus could hear. Others totally understood that we meant that group of ladies and they too understood that they are paying for what they did to that poor men’s who were in the flight for showing a racist behavior towards them. They nodded their head with shame and never came to argue with us since they dint know to speak English well!!!

This was the time that I realized how important English was and how it influenced the people around the world. Being the universal language it has showed its importance across the globe.

I am not trying to say that Arabs are mean people through my article but being educated doesn’t make you a global citizen and it does not mean it’s only Arabs but it can be any person belonging to any nationality. We need to see the world in one vision and treat everyone has humans keeping these evil thoughts behind and my friends keep those racist behavior apart, Come on it’s 21st century !!

And always have the confidence in yourself and believe in yourself, Never let anyone assault you in any form. They might be many instances happening around the world similar to this. Always keep in mind it’s your mind that makes you a winner or a looser.

Please Note: I did not mean to target or point out a specific community or do not say that they are always responsible for these inhuman behavior, it can be anyone.Understand.

Bedouin Market (Nairiyah)

Bedouin Market (Nairiyah)

After a long 7 hours drive all the way from Ad Dammam (740 Kms app) it was a great relief to reach our destination.The land actually surprised me,as we came closer and closer the deserts started to disappear and then come the short bushes arising from the soil beneath.When your cruising at a speed of 110 Km/hr it could be wonderful to see this transformation.Slowly it started to get higher and higher and the wind became cooler and cooler…… then what i saw was hays and vast farms spreading over acres of land,turning my concept of the kingdom upside down.I never knew the kingdom could have this much of greenery !!